Black color option

Limiting colors is great but not having black is killing me.

I feel like that is the only missing color I “need”!

Thank you.

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You can add custom colours (including black) if you go to:
… icon -> edit theme


Great - I didn’t know that.

But, if I insert a wireframe rectangle, it’s not actually going to be black - why?

@jpdp Good question! All the shape colors in wireframes are a bit lighter than you see in the color picker (something we probably should address, for sure). This allows you to place any element (text, button, etc.) on top of those background colors and still have contrast. Essentially, it’s meant to streamline the wireframing process.

If you want a more vivid color, feel free to use the shapes from the Flowchart element range:

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I suppose it does make sense to have lighter colours for wireframes.

Perhaps in a future release there might just be a generic shape toolbox?

Seems like a strange workaround, especially since flowchart shapes have different behaviors / don’t snap to the same pixel grid.

See the benefit in being able to place any element on another and still have some contrast. However, white is already an exception as you can place white text/objects over a white shape. Shouldn’t true black should also be an exception?

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Agree it’s a clunky workaround; would prefer a quicker setting for the user to set their preference. The Whimsical-defined contrast is a pretty heavy-handed choice; it has confused my design team as I onboard them since we switched from Balsamiq.