Board Template Sharing

It would be great to share Whimsical boards as templates for others to duplicate into their own workspaces. NOT via the Community Templates. This would emulate the exploding market of digital entrepreneurs making and selling Notion templates that also help Notion’s following grow. This would be a great opportunity for both users of Whimsical and the company itself since Miro doesn’t have this capability either (yet).

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Hey Kevin,

thanks for feedback! We already support this, in a way. If you have a template in your own Templates & Themes folder and you make it public via share dialog like this:

then you can share the link with others and they will be able to either create a new file directly from this template or copy the template to their own workspace via menu. For example, try opening this:

Besides that, we are also exploring ways to enable users to publish/share templates directly inside Whimsical (so that anybody can search/find it). I assume you had something like that in mind?