Convert a Flowchart shape to a Project card

I have flowchart shapes in the file. Can I convert them to Project cards? Is that possible?

Hey Shivanand, Jade here from Whimsical. :wave:

It’s not possible to automatically convert flowchart shapes into project cards, but I’d love to learn more about your use case and why you’re wanting to do this - if you’re open to sharing?

I’ll also add this as a feature request for you too!

For now, one other cool tip is pasting text straight into a board that’s in Project mode, which will automatically convert the text into cards, like this:

Convert text to cards

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HI Jade, thanks for your reply.
Use case: I created a bunch of flowchart shapes in my project. But I wanted to change them into project card so that I can add description to the card. Group those converted cards into a Project stack.

Got it, thanks for sharing those extra details, Shivanand! I’ve updated the feature request and will keep you posted if it’s something we can support in the future. :+1: