File link support


I want to add some file link like file:///docs/ to my board. Can I do it?

Or I’d like to have x-callback-url links support e.g. bear://x-callback-url/[action]?[action parameters] so I’m able to open some document in another app.

Hey, thanks for the question. We don’t support this currently but we should. We’ll look into it.

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File links are a huge missing feature for me too. I want to use Whimsical for product documentation and desperately need to link to PDF documents and especially want these documents to appear in my Whimsical content.

I realize Whimsical is not offering cloud file storage as a feature (although I would pay extra for that), but still has no good way to VIEW the contents of a PDF document short of adding an image of the page. To get this image, I need to separately create, copy and paste it.

And since I can only LINK to a PDF document, I must rely on the viewer offered by my browser or some browser extension to see the contents in a separate window, not in Whimsical. So the PDF cannot be part of my Whimsical content.

I would love to see a PDF VIEWER built into Whimsical, where I can drag a PDF from my hard drive or copy a link from the web onto the Whimsical window and have an image of the PDF appear in viewer that offers a resizable window, zoom with pan, rotate L & R tools, and a way to select pages.

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