Flowchart: Crow's Foot Endpoints

Maybe it’s asking to much but I’d love to see support for crow’s foot endpoints.

Here are two possible ways to do this:

  1. New shape - This shape is a unique connector widget with endpoints that can be changed to the four different types of crow’s foot endpoints (one only, zero or one, one or more, zero or more).

  2. New endpoints for existing connector widget - Simply add the four additional endpoints to the existing connector widget. May add unnecessary clutter.

This is pretty much the only thing missing during my day-to-day use. Product design has really done a great job anticipating most needs while still keeping the application simple and easy to use.

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If I’m understanding you correctly, can’t you just can add multiple connectors to the bottom of a task/shape with each connector going to a different task/shape, then drag the connectors to align the way you want them to?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re suggesting, but here’s an example of crow’s foot notation which may make things more clear:

The missing piece in Whimsical are the endpoints for the connectors, of which there are really just four which are usually used:

  • One and only one
  • Zero or one
  • One or many
  • Zero or many

Ah right, I understand now.
Ignore everything I said before :man_facepalming:

Hi, I like to see this become a reality. Any idea on the progress of this? Is it something that has been taken into consideration? Is there a place where we can monitor its progress?

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Hey there Sirio! :wave: Jade here, from the Whimsical team.

This isn’t currently on our roadmap. We don’t want to complicate diagramming tool too much, so for now we offer four options for your endpoints:

You can see an example of this here and hopefully you can use this legend for your use case. We’ve designed Whimsical for speed so we have consciously limited the number of choices available.