Internal Links / Link item to other items

It would be great to have internal links. That way I can link one item to another item and when I click on it, the view moves towards it. In miro it’s possible to do that by copying the link of one item and pasting it in another item. All items have links and all items can point towards links.

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Hey there! This is something we have also been talking about internally… excuse the pun! I can’t make promises but it’s definitely on our radar :slight_smile: In the meantime, did you know that if you join 2 items with a connector, and cmd/ctrl click at one end of it, it will transport you to the other?

Good to hear that improving internal links are on your radar!
Is there any news on this?

How internal links work right now is OK, but can definitely be better.

Ideally it’s possible to disable the thumbnail, while the link remains an internal link. Right now internal links without thumbnail need to be “converted” to external links.

I think it’d also be great to create links to specific elements or groups on a board, be it the same board or a different board in the same workspace. This would make moving (parts of) diagrams around a document a lot easier.