Let me change the size of cards

I like the additional capabilities of cards, in terms of being able to open them for more details, links, assignments etc.

But I really want to be able to resize them on a board. If I had this, I could get the benefit of a card functions with any other shape, which would be super powerful for me.

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Hey @Daniel_Etra! Could you please tell us a bit more about this? Currently cards can be made in three different sizes:

But it seems that you’d like to be able to change the size freely without any restrictions, is that correct? Really curious to hear more about your use case and if it’s only related to the size or also, perhaps, the form of cards? Thanks!

Sure, happy to explain more.

I am working with views like this, for quick snapshots of a roadmap.

The height (resources) and width (duration) of the blocks are import for the visual story. But right now, I either have to

  1. Pack a very short description into a text string
  2. create a separate card object that contains the description, and link each of these boxes to the corresponding card elsewhere on the board
  3. Link each box to an external ticket or documentation page that describes more about it.

What I want is to have a “detail” modal view like I have for cards, that can add more description, and commentary, etc. But without being constrained to just the 3 fixed sizes for cards.

I don’t care as much about other shapes for this case, but could potentially see that utility.