Spacebar Scroll Issues

Hey! I have been using whimsical for a while, and love it.
I really love being able to mix different pieces from the different toolsets into one board.

I have noticed that sometimes when I do this however (especially with the mindmaps) my spacebar scroll feature seems to not work 100%.

For example, these boards are infinite, however at frequent intervals while working (1-3 mins) I try and scroll to a new area outside of where my working pieces are and the screen stops as if it has reached the edge of the viewport. That scared me at first because I was like… I thought these were infinite!

Refreshing the page solves this issue however. I do find that I have to do it every couple mins though, which is a mild annoyance.

It seems to occur only on the pages where I have mixed toolsets in use. (mindmaps, sticky notes etc) but I have not found what the actual culprit is.

I will continue to pay attention to it though and update if I can figure out steps to cause the bug.

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