Wanna see a magic trick? Movement Error

On a whimsical board, place down a mind map and make a few pieces to it. Next, place a sticky note stack, or flow chart, or any combination of them. nearby.

Now lets say you want to move all of those pieces over a bit to make room for your next thing.
Drag to select everything (mainly the mindmap+any other element from a different tool type) and try and move it around.


Basically the mindmap will not move, but the other elements will move at like 10x what you move your mouse.

This becomes extremely annoying when you have a mindmap next to some flowchart elements and have connected the nodes to those flowchart pieces via connectors and all the sudden they shoot off into nowhereland.

Hey @Hunter_Paramore , I believe this oddity should be gone now. Cheers!

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