Adding more colors to a theme?

I recently started using Whimsical instead of Excalidraw (and loving it), and I recently found out about the ability to customize colors using themes. However, I was wondering if there’s a way to increase the number of colors available in a theme? And if that’s not possible, is there a way to use another color outside of what’s in a theme?
I usually never have an issue with colors, however there have been a few times where I’ve needed to use a color outside of the available 16 colors in a theme. It would be nice if there was a way to either add more colors to a theme than what’s already available, or to be able to choose a one-time color with a color picker.


Hey, Jade here from the Whimsical Support team, :wave: Glad to hear you’re loving your experience with Whimsical so far! :purple_heart:

There’s no option to increase the number of colours in a custom theme or add a unique colour picker for additional colour options - but I will add this as a feature request for you!

Whimsical is made for speed, so some of our original product decisions were made to limit the amount of choice available. Hopefully, that blog post gives you more context on why we don’t have these options available today.

That said, we’re always looking for ways to improve, and it’s super interesting to hear what our customers want. If you wish to share a few more details about your specific use case you can also flick us a note at and we can ensure our Product team sees the why behind needing more than 16 colours for your work! :rainbow:

I join the request - for me either allowing the full color palette or increasing differences between particular colors would work. For example, while preparing an Event Storming board, I found out that orange and red are very similar - I would love to increase the contrast between them, so it is more readable during workshops, but currently there is no way to do it.

Of course I could use blue or green, but in Event Storming there is a particular “color nomenclature”, which I would like to stick to :slight_smile:


EDIT: pardon, I found the Edit Theme option, it is possible to change colors there :+1:

I also share with this request. I really do love using the application but the color limitations are a huge issue for me when creating designs. It is a large enough issue that if I were to find a competing product. I would change. It really does not make much sense to me as to why you would limit the number of colors.