Different amount of detail displayed based on zoom level

So if you’ve ever used Prezi, you might have seen how you can have different levels of zoom into elements on the workspace. For example, a Venn diagram could have 3 circles which at minimum zoom just have their titles, but when you zoom into each one, it shows much more detail nested within. I’m wondering if for flowcharts and such it could be a great feature to have—to get a system-level overview but also to be able to nest detail inside and zoom into specifics.

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Agree - zooming is a bit clunky in Whim. I misread what you said at first as 3 levels of Zoom (like Gmail’s display density control).

I could see level 1 as “minimap” (like the Figma plugin), level 2 as 100%, level 3 as 50%… just quick zoom.

Even better, user-defined preset zooms :smiley: