An additional type of user

It would be awesome if we had in addition to the viewer level, one other that not only allowed for leaving comments, but to also add annotations.

Use case: My engineering team can currently come in and add comments. This is great in the design phase. The issue we have is that once we have the design in a more final state, they would like to annotate the flows for the engineering team. While these can be like notes, the annotation tool is perfect for this. The issue the design team has is that in order for them to do this we need to give them full access and that’s when things can go wrong.

Is there a possibility of doing something like this?

cc: @Darta



What would be extremely useful for our use-case in this is to be able to quickly show/hide all annotations. Right now, we have to drag and drop all the annotations off-screen or duplicate screen designs then add annotations. It’s just asking for human error having multiple editions of the same thing to track.