How do you delete a table row or column?

I’ve created an Entity-Relationship diagram using the Whimsical template. I accidentally created a row and a column that I don’t need and I can’t figure out how to delete them. The documentation says:

To remove a row or column, select it using the handle at the top or the right, and then hit delete or use the menu option to remove it.

But I don’t see how to select an entire row or column. And I don’t see a handle at the top or right either. All I’m able to do is select an individual cell in a row or column. When I do this, the border around that cell turns purple. How do you delete a row or column in a table? Thanks.

Hey @robertf! Tables in docs are a bit different from the ones that you can create in boards (including the ERD that you mentioned).
To insert or delete rows or columns in tables that you create in boards, you’ll need to use this button in the table menu: