Icons and emoji in documents

A nice feature of some other platforms that I’ve used is the ability to use emoji to ease reading and visual navigation of a document. Similarly, being able to add icons would be very useful for times when I want to include images, but don’t want to reach all the way out to the internet and import an image.

For one use-case, we were composing a document that illustrates how AI learns to detect fruit images, and it would be nice to be able to quickly populate icons for different fruits.

Hey @fsmalkin This is a great idea. I’d love to use the icon library we have in boards in docs too! For right now though, you can use your native emoji keyboard to add emoji anywhere in Whimsical. :+1:

Windows: Press the Windows key and the semicolon simultaneously.

Mac: Press command, control and the space bar simultaneously.

@JackGJenkins you are the man

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