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Suggestion: Make the editing a sticky note follow the same interface pattern as in the rest of Whimsical.

Whether I am in Wireframe mode or Flowchart, clicking on an item leaves it visible and opens a simple toolbar. Let’s call this pattern “edit-in-place with a floating toolbar”.

But Sticky notes open a modal view like Trello and to edit-in-place you have to click the tiny pencil icon.

I wish Sticky notes followed the same edit-in-place with floating toolbar action (and resist the temptation to serve ex-Trello users)


Hi! I have a suggestion for embedded boards. Right now, if I want to add diagrams to my documents, I have to have one separate board for each thing I want to embed in the document.
I’d like to set a board position (like when I share it via link) when I embed it in a document. I use wireframes and mind maps as diagrams and with board positions, I could have all my designs in one board and showcase different parts of it along the document.

All the best,


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Hi! I love whimsical and use it for designing with clients and developer handoff. I would love to be able to generate a link that takes the user of the link to a specific location or frame on the whimsical board. Regardless of how organized my board is, it would be easier for clients and devs to find the specific location/frame I want them to look at if the link took them straight to it. This is especially valuable on boards that have a large number of frames and artifacts.

What if you could draw a box around an area with any number of objects and have that box define the viewport when someone clicks the link? :thinking:

Hey there! When you create a shareable link in Whimsical, you can choose the board position. That means that the person will be taken to exact position the board was in when you created the link. The same link can also be used if you are using /embed in docs. It will embed the board at that position.

Hope that helps!


As an ex-engineer turned product person, I still carry the habit of wanting to use keyboard shortcuts for writing Docs. It feels efficient and fluid that way. I hate clicking through multiple options in order to accomplish a simple task. It breaks my flow of writing and thinking.

That said, I desire an option to insert emoticons in Whimsical Docs with a keyboard shortcut such as ‘/’ or ‘:’, so I can just search for Emoticon and choose one. For example, I may want to add a <3 heart or an animal symbol to add delight in my work. This has become a habit since I love adding delightful expression in my Notion Docs and Slack messages with my Team and myself.

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Hi Cami!

Our docs are fully supported with Markdown hotkeys, you can learn more about them in our / menu. I’ve highlighted where you’ll be able to see what hotkeys enable what feature.

So for example if you want to create a heading then ## and a space will turn the line into a heading before typing.

Also thanks for the suggestions for emojis. That’s something we’re talking about internally and will look into it! For the time being there are some workarounds, so if you’re really wanting to add them you can still copy and paste an emoji after they’ve been rendered somewhere else into Whimsical to emoji-fy your doc.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

In a wireframe board, please support the possibility for nested menu items. For example:

Now I have to manually recreate this with boxes and texts.

Especially indentation, coloring of separate items and the ability to have both an icon on the left and a collapse arrow on the right would be helpful.


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A time lapse feature would be amazing to have on a board. It’s difficult to know when boards have last been updated, or how ideas have evolved over time. If there was a slider that displayed what the document looked like (like a snapshot), we could see how an idea evolved from brainstorming to final implementation. It could also show who was involved and who has the most context about a board at any given time.

Hey Cecilia,

we do have something like that - it’s called time machine. See this post - it’s primarily about restoring past versions but that’s just one feature of time machine. There is also a built in time lapse playback feature


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This is great to know! thanks!!

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A quick-add button on the top of elements would be super helpful.
Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 3.51.46 PM


I quite often make new copies of existing wireframes when I am iterating on designs.

It would be great if, when copying a wireframe, I could copy the comments too. Like you can with Google docs.

Right now, when I duplicate a wireframe, the comments aren’t copied over.


Welcome! I’ve added you to our feature request for that! If we update anything I’ll be sure to let you know :+1:

Sweet! I’ve passed that on to the team - thanks for taking the time to let us know.

Hi Rhoda and the community!

Idea: As many developers are likely absolutely love doing design/brainstorming in whimsical I do as well and it’d much easier for the eyes to have an option of switching UI to “Dark Mode”.

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We won’t disagree that there could be power in a dark mode!

We have an open feature request and I’ll add you to it :+1:

If anything changes we’ll be in touch!


Any plans to include a circular watch design for wireframing? Most Android Wear OS devices have a round shape.
I started a new topic regarding this question, thought I will check here none the less though.


I would love some more functionality for creating UI (or “elements” as you call it) in the actual wireframing tool. It has been the same for quite some time now.

It could be:

  • Search fields

  • Better tables

  • Wireframe templates (The community doesn’t provide that much yet)

  • Headers
  • Main navigation (desktop+mobil)
  • Forms
  • Content and so on.