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Suggestion: Make the editing a sticky note follow the same interface pattern as in the rest of Whimsical.

Whether I am in Wireframe mode or Flowchart, clicking on an item leaves it visible and opens a simple toolbar. Letโ€™s call this pattern โ€œedit-in-place with a floating toolbarโ€.

But Sticky notes open a modal view like Trello and to edit-in-place you have to click the tiny pencil icon.

I wish Sticky notes followed the same edit-in-place with floating toolbar action (and resist the temptation to serve ex-Trello users)

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Hi! I have a suggestion for embedded boards. Right now, if I want to add diagrams to my documents, I have to have one separate board for each thing I want to embed in the document.
Iโ€™d like to set a board position (like when I share it via link) when I embed it in a document. I use wireframes and mind maps as diagrams and with board positions, I could have all my designs in one board and showcase different parts of it along the document.

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Hi! I love whimsical and use it for designing with clients and developer handoff. I would love to be able to generate a link that takes the user of the link to a specific location or frame on the whimsical board. Regardless of how organized my board is, it would be easier for clients and devs to find the specific location/frame I want them to look at if the link took them straight to it. This is especially valuable on boards that have a large number of frames and artifacts.

What if you could draw a box around an area with any number of objects and have that box define the viewport when someone clicks the link? :thinking:

Hey there! When you create a shareable link in Whimsical, you can choose the board position. That means that the person will be taken to exact position the board was in when you created the link. The same link can also be used if you are using /embed in docs. It will embed the board at that position.

Hope that helps!