Measurement Settings

Hi team,

Is there any plans to provide measurement settings for the grid beyond American imperial?

As an international user, “inches” is extremely foreign and never used in the digital space for measurement. It also makes working with the grid often clunky and frustrating because everything is displaying proportions in fractions of an inch instead of clean, whole numbers.

Our preference would be pixel / points first, followed by the option of metric (cm) or imperial (inch).

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@UniverseNZ Sorry for the confusion caused here - we’re actually using pixels as a reference.

Flowcharts use a 12px grid and so each unit is 12. We thought this would be simpler than seeing actual pixels and didn’t feel that people need the exact pixel information for this type of work. With Wireframes, however, it does seem valuable to give actual pixels so we didn’t abstract those into units and you’ll see exact pixel values in the wireframe mode!

Hope this helps!

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