Mindmap mode cannot take Chinese or Japanese input (Double-byte input)


I’m encountering something maybe similar to this topic, but the problem is not in the textbox. I’m unable to type any Mandarin or Japanese characters (double-byte characters) in the mind map mode. See video below demonstrating that:

Inside the flowchart mode, typing in double-byte characters work fully. Both in the flowchart shapes and in the text box. Textbox in mind map mode works too. However, the normal mind map node does not take any double-byte characters.

Maybe someone can help me out here? Thanks!

Hi there!

We are working to update the text editor across the app. We have done Flowchart mode, Docs and text boxes. We are still working on mind maps and sticky notes. I’ll let you know as soon as there is an update.

I can’t see exactly which browser you are in, but we tend to find there are fewer issues in Chrome. Regardless - it definitely does not work as well as we want to, and we are on the case!


Hey there!

I have good news :sunglasses:

We have updated the editor we using in mind maps and it should now work much better with accents and all non-latin characters!

Let us know how you get on!