Mandarin/Chinese character order & input location jumps during input


In mindmap, when inputting Chinese characters, the order of words sometimes jumps, making the mindmap very very frustrating to use for Mandarin users.

Browser: Firefox, Chrome (Happens on both browser types)
My input method:
Microsoft Traditional Chinese IME (Zhuyin) - This is mainly used for Taiwanese users.
This input method requires multiple key inputs before a symbol is shown on the screen (we spell the phonetics with the key inputs, press a spacekey at the end of each symbol, and press an enter to confirm the entry), which might be the reason.

The problem doesn’t always occur when the input is at the end of the line. (I’m not sure)
The problem is the more prominent when the input is at the middle or beginning of the sentence. After confirming the inputted symbols using enter, the inputted symbols fly to somewhere else in the sentence, not where it was inputted. Or other already-present symbols’ positions are moved.
And/or, after input, the location of the input cursor shifts to the start or end of the sentence, even though it was expected to stay at the end of the newly-inputted entry position.

I suspect other Asian language users to have similar problems, such as Korean and Japanese inputs.
Thanks for checking to see how the system can handle Asian language inputs.

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I got same issue. but in my case is using Japanese.
Not only me, other Japanese also said this happen.

I hope they will improve system for support these language.

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