Suggestion: search should default to file and folder when not in a document

I try to avoid directly proposing solutions, but this feature doesn’t match my expectations. When I’m in a folder, the search defaults to “here,” which seems to be only items that are within the current folder (and not in child folders). I don’t find this very useful because I’m not usually keeping so much in a folder that I’d need to search through it. My expectation is that when searching on a folder screen, I would see all results from across all folders (maybe with results in the current folder “promoted” in relevance or with a visual call-out). So it seems odd to default to “here” instead of “files and folders” in that context.

Hey @fsmalkin :wave:

Thanks for pitching this idea, I can definitely appreciate what you’re saying so I’ve tracked this internally on our feature requests board.

Something that may help in the meantime though: If you hit command (or ctrl) J instead of F, it will open the search bar with files and folders as the default. :ok_hand: Or, if you’ve opened the search bar normally, you can hit command (or ctrl) enter to switch where you’re searching after you type a keyword. :+1:

@JackGJenkins thanks! I didn’t know that shortcut existed. I supposed I just missed it, but perhaps a hint or reminder about that functionality would help?

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