Tablet or App Support

To preface, making apps is Hard. I know this.
That being said, the one thing that I wish for, and have tried everything to get around is to make this website work on my iPad.

Even if I could just view the page to reference in my notes, or leave comments on things or view and move contents in the sticky notes, that would be a great starting point, and one that would increase its productivity in a professional workplace where things like this are shared with people who don’t use Whimsical, and who use iPads.

Now, if it could be an app… that would be amazing. Whimsical does what 5 other apps do individually, and does it better and quicker than the other apps. It is amazing, and if done right, would be a huge gamechanger on the range of productivity and planning apps.

I am not asking for that now… I just want to view the page on my ipad, and possibly leave comments and read the sticky note comments and respond to them. At the very least, just reference it.


@Hunter_Paramore We added support for iPads back in December. It is super fresh, so a ton of improvements are still on the way. :building_construction:

At the moment you can only use it on Safari. Also, make sure your iPadOS is up to date.

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