We would love to hear your feedback about Sticky Notes!

We are doing some planning and research about how to make Sticky Notes better - and we would love to hear your thoughts!

How do you use them, how could we make them better, what one thing would you add to make your sticky note life easier?

We are also keen to hear what you think of a new font size inside the notes - click here to get a sneak peek and choose your favourite.

And lastly, if you have more feedback than you can write down, Todd, one of our product designers, has some space on his calendar to chat - feel free to pick a time!

I just got an update that added “Board” mode and sticky notes. I was excited for a feature that might let me add detail to my system architecture flowcharts without having to switch to Project mode to add cards. However, after playing with sticky notes for a couple minutes, I think I’ll stick with cards.

There are a couple things that would sell them for me:

  • More than anything else, they need to be resizeable. I use Whimsical because I’m almost compulsive about the aesthetics of my whiteboarding. I’m constantly moving and resizing and recoloring my flowcharts, so the lack of resize ability in both sticky notes and cards is a surprisingly major pain point.
  • I need a way to add extra detail beyond the ‘title’ of the note, without using commments. I love that you can open a card to reach a full description area. This is why I’ll continue using cards – though I feel like I’m abusing them: I don’t need comments or assignees or stacks. I just need to be able to add expandable detail to my system designs.
    • Maybe I’m overthinking it and cards are the intended solution for this need. It’s not very clear.

As an extension of both of the above points: my boldest wish would be the ability to add a ‘detail’ page to any element. The comment system is so close to satisfying this need, but having distracting badges on everything is too high a cost. I want to be able to fill out rich-text description fields on all my shapes, and have the description fold away until I click a button to expand it. My desire is intentionally vague; I trust your team for UI/UX way more than I trust myself. I just hope I’ve conveyed the use case.

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Love the changes so far. One immediate bit of feedback I have on sticky notes is that I would like for sticky notes settings to globally remember my choice to hide/show the author. When I use the quick add buttons to add adjacent sticky notes from an existing one it remembers this setting, but when I drag a new note in from the sidebar it always shows the author by default and this has been a minor frustration for me.

I haven’t used them heavily yet otherwise, but so far I’m using them as an alternative to the commenting feature, as a way to provide feedback on work. Comments seem so formal to me and they kick off notifications so the sticky notes seem like a middle ground as long as I don’t cause too much clutter. I’ll let you know what else I discover.

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I don’t know how often this gets checked but after using Sticky Notes a lot more, I still wish that they remembered my preferred settings when I create additional stickies on the same board. They don’t always remember that I want the author hidden, or remember the manual text size that I’ve set to keep the appearance consistent. I love all the options they offer, but I’m kind of particular about all the text on them being the same size. Every time I create a new note I have to switch it off auto-sizing at some point, either individually or in a batch at the end.

Again, I really love how Boards are shaping up generally. This is just a minor thing that could lower the barriers to thinking that I currently experience when using Sticky Notes.

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