Browser performance tips

I’m looking to see if anyone can give me some tips or tricks they may have for browser performance with large flowcharts.

I’m on a Late '13 Mac Pro. Not the newest, I’m really not a “light user” and there really isn’t much that can make this thing crawl. Chrome plus a large Whimsical flowchart is actually the only thing that has been able to beat my machine up without really going out of my way. When I say beat up, I mean it’s not just slow, but it’s really really unusable compared to my experience on other machines. We’re talking 5 second hangs even for a very simple layer selection.

I noticed that the percentage of GPU usage was super high while doing just about anything so I figured there were some things I could change in Chrome settings. In my chrome://flags everything else is set with the defaults, but by disabling Accelerated 2D canvas I was able to get it down to using about 1/3 of the GPU it required on average previously.

Has anyone experienced the same, or have any tips for what the right approach is with this setting, or any other Chrome flags to try to get some of the load off of my GPU?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

@allusis happy to share some insider tips (hope this won’t stop others from sharing their experience).

Generally, we’ve noticed that boards with a large number of elements can get a bit laggy and hungry for GPU. By large I mean 4000+ elements. To check the number of elements, you can hover over the status indicator next to the title of your board:

You can split large boards into several smaller ones (you can add links to them for easier access). Large tables and .gif files are also sometimes slowing things down.

Certain Chrome extensions are also sometimes to blame, so if your boards are small and you don’t have .gif files or large tables in them, it can also be useful to play around with different browsers / incognito mode.

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Thanks for the reference point on the Object count @Darta. The board I am referring to has 350 objects right now. In a completed state I am guessing it would be around 1000, so that’s good to hear that I should have some room.

Looks like the '13 Mac Pro may have found it’s match :smile: It does feel slightly smoother in Firefox though, so good call on that. It runs significantly better in general on my '18 MacBook Pro.

Hi, about this “lag”, I have 2 boards with each one has more than 5000 objects, they are breaked in 2 panels, but it was very slow to load.

Both are about same workshop, splitted to workshop co-created and historical content and other with only final wireframe about what we need to do.

In a few situation we need to wait 5 minutes until load.