So slowwwww (windows)

Hello everyone
Our company is using whimsical as their whiteboard tool
People on mac doesn’t seem to have any issue, but I’m using a Windows laptop and I have headache each time I go on whimsical (pretty use to other whiteboarding tool)

Everything is slow/lagging. Not talking about large board, Only 100 elements and I’m starting to lag, got to wait a couple of seconds for each action

1- A little bit less slow with a private browser (but not that much)
2- I have a dev laptop, with plenty of resources (right now 11 of cpu and 23% of memory is being used)

Anything to try?

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I find that quite strange I’ve been using windows for years with no issues, I love whimsical because it’s one of the most lightweight whiteboarding tools. I would check to see if it has something to do with chrome extenstions you have installed. Maybe try disabling some and see if that helps. That’s the only thing I can imagine would affect performance in the browser.

I turned off all my chrome extension, same result
Comparing with Miro on the same environment, I can type in Miro and get an instant response, in Whimsical it take a fraction of seconds for each letter to show

Any other ideas ?

Some issue are fixed turning off hardware acceleration in chrome
Don’t know why it’s affecting more whimsical than miro however