Figma export support

I’d like to be able to export my wireframes to Figma smoothly.


Figma does everything for us EXCEPT for wireframing. We have really enjoyed using Whimsical for that. If we could have a seamless export experience from Whim to Fig, we would save a lot of time.

I second this. I love Figma and now have fallen in love with Whimsical. But the current prototyping flow of exporting Whimsical pngs into Figma, framing them, and adding frame hotspots for clicks is lacking. Especially considering then they have to be recreated to iterate further into mid fidelity. With simple vector shapes and text why cant we copy/paste the screens right into Figma?

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You can try our experimental .svg export which should help and make things a bit easier.

To get an SVG export for individual boards, try adding /svg at the end of board URL. It should look similar to this:

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