Paste in place (replace selected image on paste)

We use Figma as our primary design tool. And while it is absolutely magical at times, its far more robust than what is needed for wire framing in our opinion. This is where the magical power of Whimsical comes into play. We chose Whimsical a long time ago for the reasons of the simple interface and efficiency in which we can use the tool in our process. When we converted to Figma, Whimsical stayed as our main wire framing and flow tool set. Our process is to start with flows and wireframes in Whimsical. Once our review processes are complete with Eng and PM, we move to high fidelity screens in Figma. Once those are done, we come back to Whimsical and mimic the wire frame to a high fidelity flow with the figma screens.

As we all know, nothing is ever final and sometime we also get scope creep. PROBLEM: when updating the high fidelity we have to remove any flow lines touching a placed image. Paste in the new image, size it, then reattach all the flow lines. A place in place function would be a game changer.

EXPECTED RESULT: select a placed image in Whimsical, keyboard shortcut for paste in place (or follow Figma example of replacing an image using CTRL+V) and overwrite selected image with image pasted from clipboard.

CC: @Darta

@anthonyh I love the idea of introducing a shortcut and I have just created a feature request card on your behalf. In the meantime, here’s an option that should work out for replacing images, flowchart shapes and icons:
Note: this won’t allow you to replace one type of item with another type of item (e.g. image to icon, triangle to image).

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood anything - happy to learn more!

Hi @Darta ,

Thank so much for the reply and this option. We are familiar with this and have used it in the past. The draw back is that you’d have to have everything exported to use it. Certainly viable, but not quite useful for our needs.

That said, I did a small screen recording using the feature that does this in Figma.
Note that when I selected the left image and copied it, in the “paste to replace” feature in Figma the naming stays the same, the image is just replaced.

Ideally when doing this we do not lose the connector lines as you see in this example:

Thanks in advance for checking this out.

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