Import/Export from Sketch

Absolutely love Whimsical, been a game-changer in our Product team where we’ve been long-time users.

We use Sketch for high-fidelity designs alongside InVision. We’ve used InVision’s Freehand to compile workflow diagrams for high-fidelity workflows but the tool itself is middling (no commenting, not very “pretty”).

At the moment, we export the screens and import them into Whimsical for detailing flows and gathering feedback in the infinite canvas view.

Would be sweet to export Sketch straight to Whimsical rather than doing it manually.

Appreciate that with Freehand, Sketch Cloud and other plugins there are ways to do this with alternative tools but it would be an amazing feature for Whimsical.


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Hi! Similar situation. I created a flow in Whimsical with imported PNG final designs from Sketch and it’d be great if I can synch them. So everytime I change a design in Sketch automatically refresh the change in Whimsical.
Please let me know if you have any solution about it.

Should I create a separate thread for Figma…? :smiley: