Forward/Back Arrows on my Mouse Dragging the Canvas instead of Working as Intended

I noticed that Middle Click 3 on the mouse is meant to drag the canvas but the Forward and Back arrows on my mouse are also registering as middle click inputs. This is really frustrating and unfortunate because navigating back and forward between pages using those arrows is how I do ALL of my browsing and would make working within this tool much faster.

Is there any way to fix this?
Or is there a fix planned for this?

I’m using a logitech MX master mouse if that matters because I know the’ve got a custom softawre to change the button configurations.

Hi Dan

Sorry about this, I don’t think this is intended. Could you confirm which version of Logi Options you have installed? Logi Options or Logi Options+ (the newer one). Also, which browser and OS are you using?

We’ve been able to reproduce one variant of this, but want to make sure we cover your setup too.

Hi @DanToruno, we’ve pushed a fix to only make the middle button trigger panning, and not the back/forward mouse buttons. Can you take a look and see if this has fixed it for you?

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Hey thanks for the quick feedback I did infact have the older version of Logitech Options installed I ended up Updating to the newer one today after reading your reply. Yes the issue is fixed on my end. That is incredible to have something like this corrected within 24 hours. You guys rock!

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