How to best organise an end-to-end system?

I love the fact that I can use cards, flowcharts and wireframes.

How do others organise their workspaces?
I generally start wtih a new group which is the name of the system or app.
Then within that group, I create a number of folders.
I create a ‘System Design’ folder which has a flow-chart of the key modules. I also like to create a stack of cards, with each card being a requirement or feature.

I use a stack of cards to keep track of the details for each feature

I have a flowchart along with the cards to get an idea of all the modules.

Then for each key flow or screen, I have a board which has a flowchart and wireframes.

Just wondering what others do and how to make my life more organised?

I generally use the mindmap feature as an initial starting point to just get things out there.
After that it is usually down to the Kanban board with sticky notes to remind me what I am working on, and when they are done and such. I love being able to put information into the sticky notes.

As I finalize pieces of information, I generally take one of the flowchart boxes, make it big, and set the test to align to the top and left, and use that kinda as a larger sticky note to remind me of what the solution for that section was.

Like this