Easy Trello Board

Trello is great, but like most of the other apps out there, it is very linear and doesnt allow for a lot of wiggle room to make it work how you would like it to.

Using the sticky notes in Whimsical, you can create a Kanban board anywhere you like on a whimsical project. You can even create several streams around each other and assign tasks between other users!

That has actually been very useful for me. I use the flowchart to create the flow to get what needs to be made, then create my Kanban set for myself, duplicate it above or below for another person, and then lock the stacks in place. I am then free to move sticky notes from the backlog stack (or just randomly placed everywhere around) and start to keep track of them.

Here is a quick example I made for this.


  1. Create a sticky note stack
  2. Duplicate the stack into the number of columns you need and name them.
    3.5 If multiple people are on your team, create other stacks so things can be moved to their columns. (if you decide to do it that way)
  3. Not Necessary, but I change the sticky note sizes on the columns to reflect usage. For example, in the “Working” column they are larger sticky notes than in the “completed” column.
  4. Lock them in place (CMD+Shift+L on Mac. Ctrl+Shift+L on PC)
  5. Create sticky notes. You can assign them to individuals as well, as that will notify them.
  6. Profit.

I generally have several of these stacks around different parts of the boards to help me organize things into “to-do” and “working on” stacks, and then assign them to individuals from there.
I use the multiple stacks for multiple users (like in my example) for things like larger to-do lists where various unrelated tasks can be put into other’s lists by a supervisor for example.

Anyways, thats it for my tip!

I love using this a lot more than Trello because I can put this near my working pieces. I can put it next to the wireframes I am working on, or create lists of to-do’s from flowcharts that I make. It is also visual and activates my spacial memory and such (I just made that up) which helps me organize whats in my thoughts like a huge spider chart of different elements.

~Hunter Paramore