How to embed a specific frame into a doc?

Hey everyone,

I’m having issues embedding a specific frame into a doc, so that the embed is cropped right around the frame.

First, I copy a link from the frame and paste it into the doc. The embed is appearing as the entire wireframe Canvas, whereas what I’m actually after is a cropped view of just the frame, like this:

This behaviour appear no matter which frame I copy the link to.

Is it possible in Whimsical to copy a cropped view to a specific frame?


Hey Matt, :wave:

It looks like you’re chatting with my teammate, Jack, about this one - but for the benefit of the community, I’ll also update here so others can see!

Right now, unfortunately, this isn’t supported, but we’ve added it as a feature request, and it’s something our Product team have been thinking about how to implement. Hopefully, in the future, we can support embedding boards into docs where the linked board or object position is respected.

Thanks for raising this! :pray:


Just a quick note to say that this is now fixed. :tada:

When you right click and copy a link to a frame or an object, it will now show as expected when you embed it into a doc or another application.

Let us know if it is still causing a problem!