Just discovered you can create your own custom Whimiscal Multiview Workspace in Obsidian Canvas

If you paste your Whimsical Board URLs into an Obsidian Canvas you can choose how large each window is which you can shape to any one of your boards. So if you’d like to work on 3 related boards at once and copy/paste assets from one board to another you can + In this Obsidian Canvas workspace you can add your markdown notes and pages around your boards. It’s like a Inception Canvas. Except you actually can tap into your knowledge base if you are using Roam Research, Logseq, or Obsidian.

Side note: I tried this in Logseq Whiteboards and the links paste as previews. In Obsidian it’s actually a full working page at whatever size you desire.

Obsidian is a completely free tool you can download here.

If you were sad that whimsical doesn’t work with your Notetaking tool this could be a great solution. Be warned though that Obsidian is not a beginner friendly tool If you do use it I’d go as simple as possible because that tool is a never-ending rabbit hole.

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Hey Dan - thanks for sharing, that’s cool! I’m an Obsidian user as well and didn’t know this existed.

As a sidenote, if you install the Simple Embed plugin, you can embed boards inside of Obsidian pages – not just Canvases :slight_smile:



Very cool thanks for sharing.