Request: Add descriptive text to Mind Maps

I’m using Whimiscal to help me revise for school, and using mind maps is great to break topics down into all the little pieces, but something that would make it better would be to add a way to add descriptive text.

For example, say I have a mind map to help me learn computer hardware, I can go down branches until I get to a piece (e.g. RAM). It would be useful if i could click it and i could write a sentence or two about RAM which will only show if i select it. Right now, I am sort of doing this using comments, but I would rather have a separate feature for this, as a comment can easily be accidently “resolved” and it could accidentally be deleted.

This feature would also allow planning for projects to go much easier as well because it would be much easier to describe parts of a proect.


Or even add images with text and set their size to each node.

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I totally agree with this; sort of like by clicking on a node, the node opens up as a document! This would really help me with research and remembering just snippets versus being able to fully open a document. Or the node itself is just a stick note so by default it displays a title and when you click on it, it displays the full sticky note.

It’s not Roam or Notion style back linking but it can really expand mind mapping from just “ideas” to “fleshed out thoughts”.