Request: The box like visual programming language

Hi, thank you for a great tool.
I always use Whimsical to develop an application.
I’d like to talk about a new component that I’d like to use.

Whimsical provides several types of components in Flowchart mode.
Additionally, I’d like to put a request for a new component here.

That is a part of the rectangle component, which provides a connector for inputs and outputs.
So this is like the component which is used on some visual programming language editors.

You can get more detail to imagine from Origami Studio.


Which means, we can describe the UI component or functions how works with inputs and then how it outputs values.

I think that would be so helpful in several situations.

Not quite what you want, but if you add a table within a flowchart, you could achieve a similar result.

I use it for Entity Relationship Diagrams

Ah, thank you!
I thought the same approach, but I’d like to get the label to describe the title of the table.
Because, currently separated components can’t move simultaneity by one click.
But if I create a group, I can make it?

I thought there are several approaches now from your idea.

Thank you.