Smarter duplicate on elements

Hey there,
I use whimsical on a daily basis for basically everything (Note taking, documentation, wireframes, whiteboard, …)
Something that grind my gears is how often I copy/paste/duplicate when I prototype a list/node-list and have to perform multiple clics to edit each duplicated elements individually just to add 1,2,3,4,x behind it.
My point is that if the content of the duplicated element ends with a number or a single letter, it could be incremented as Excel and other productivity tools do.

The duplicated Server element could be Server 2

That’s quite a small logic to implement, but really this would save time

Related to this, once the duplicated element is pasted (and if it is only one element) the focus should be automatically sent to the text edit of the element saving multiple, not so precise btw, clics on it to edit the content if the automatically set text doesn’t fit the need.