Stamps? aka a way to easily repeat an element with things in it

I find myself wanting to take a frame, put some elements in it, line everything in it all like I want and then replicate that frame over and over and over. If this doesn’t make sense, see exhibit A. Exhibit A shows the type of thing I would want to copy over and over. It includes the square and everything in it.

Well, I can’t call them templates, so for now, I’ll call them stamps?
I end up making these fancy stamp elements and putting them to the side, so I can copy and paste them. But, this is visually unappealing.
What would be great is to have a compact (and beautiful) way to store these stamps. Maybe a stamp block that has all my registered stamps? Where I can choose an icon and/or text to represent the stamp?

No ego to attach to any of these ideas, so modify at will!

Exhibit A:

Hey there! Thanks so much for the idea!

We’ve got an open feature request for reusable components - and I think that this would fit under that. I’ll add your :+1: