What am I missing?

I am trying out Whimsical and I am completely confused. Why would a company jump into this market with a super-stripped down version of Lucid chart for the same price per user? You can just as easily do everything in Lucidchart??? What am I missing here? I really am wondering the answer this is not a rhetorical question. I was testing it out because of the Notion integration, but you can just as easily embed LC, Draw IO or any of the other big dogs in Notion so not sure what the big deal was there either? TY :slight_smile:

I will admit I never fully took a liking to Lucid chart and disregarded it early, so my comment here should be taken with a grain of salt. In my opinion, Whimsical does a better job of promoting quick and easy diagraming that can be connected to a larger thought ecosystem through docs and links. Lucid chart is pretty good for just a single diagram at a time, however, Whimsical can tie multiple diagrams together in a narrative through embedded diagrams and links.

To me, I appreciate the scaled back nature of the software - less room to get lost in options and lower barrier to entry.

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Thanks for the reply man. I kind of realized this after I posted it but they don’t let you delete a Question in here that I could see. But the irony is that if you look at the LENGTHLY list of feature requests - they are all things Draw.io, Lucidchart etc all have had for a long time. So essentially it’s only going to get more complex and the learning curve will become the same as any of the more Robust platforms. I have found Whimsical useful for quickly slapping something together and sharing. it will be interesting to see how they evolve. An good example would be swimlanes. There’s no option for this here and sanyone doing even basic business process mapping needs swimlanes. I see that’s on the list of requests :slight_smile:


Swimlanes is something you should be able to create. The only thing to keep in mind is to lock the background and then draw connections on top of it. Similar to this (while not the most detailed example of a swimlane diagram, it shows the principle):