Whimsical compared to other digital whiteboards

Hi! I have two questions.

  1. Does Whimsical have any way to do drawing or sketching within the whiteboard, or can you only upload pictures?
  2. Are you aware of the competitors Mural and Miro? Could someone transparently tell me what the differentiators are between this digital whiteboard and theres?
    Thanks so much!!!,
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Really different products.
I have used all 3 and I keep going / coming back to Whimsical.
I wish that Whimsical would have a few more features - they only need a few.

Mural - is really good for web meetings - it’s a real replacement for a basic whiteboard. It’s got dynamic polls and voting. It’s also strong on allowing all users to enter and view text. I haven’t looked too hard to see if there’s flowcharts or wireframes.

Miro - it’s a strong competitor. It’s better at dealing with and embedding images. It’s also more of a platform with extensions. So if you need to add a wireframe, it’s done with an extension. From a strategy point of view, that’s great - it is the one tool that you could do everything with. The problem is that it can be really slow to use, save etc.

Here’s a good review of Miro vs Whimsical