Wireframing: would be awesome to save global components

Hi there,
It would be awesome to have the possibility to save global components o be able to reuse them all over the place in different wireframes.
Something like a design system, with master components that replicate the changes everywhere they are used. It would save soooo much time and avoid copy-pasting madness.


It would be a great feature. I’m currently looking at it :mag:.
This is my use case:
I’m doing architecture design and I have different boards.
Each board show a level of detail of the application.
I would like the feature for:

  1. Use the same legend block across all boards.
  2. I want to use an element of the board 1 in a board 2 to get keep the explanation of the connections between the 2.

Thanks :pray:


Another big YES as I’m crawling through the feedback here.

I miss this immensely from Balsamiq (they had Symbols): Symbols - Balsamiq for Desktop Documentation | Balsamiq

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A big detail that could possibly get overlooked: Not only saving the groups as reusable components, but tracking changes applied to the parent and applying them to the children.

Yes! Please!!
Every time I have to make a change on a tab bar or menu that’s on every frame… I have to change one by one :sob:


@dgovergun not sure if you’re doing this already, but something that makes copy/pasting across frames a bit less tedious is to:

  1. copy an item
  2. select the frame you’re going to paste to
  3. ctrl+v to paste (windows)

With step 2, Whimsical places the copied item in the same place on the new frame as it was on the old frame.

I know… But if I have 15 or 20 wireframes for an app… It still sucks! :slight_smile:

for sure! That’s why I liked your reply.

Was hoping I could help make it a little less sucky for ya :slight_smile:

Oh yes, please! Lack of reusable components is the main reason I have to use Figma for wireframing.

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