Add Discussion Section to All Doc Types

Right now, you can only discuss a Doc. I would like the ability to discuss a mind map, wireframe, and any other type of diagram as well.

Are comments not working for you?

They are not in all cases. Too easy to get lost in notification world. We’re looking for a way to track open questions and decisions and refer back to them later. The threaded aspect is what is the key here.

@kjcapel Interesting! Is your team using the comment sidebar to keep track of the latest comment updates? I wonder if some comment sidebar improvements could also potentially solve this inconvenience (e.g. a workspace-wide comment sidebar, option to expand or reply directly from the sidebar, seeing all @mentions in one place etc.)

As always, I’m noting this down as a feature request and - hand on heart - wanted to remind everybody that even if we don’t always respond to feature requests posted here, all of them are noted and taken into consideration.

Thanks for the the reply!

We are not using the comment bar today - primary reason is that you cannot add a “generic” comment without joining it to an object on the diagram. Diagram generic comments would help as well as the ability to access and show comments in some slightly more permanent way. I often forget about the comments side bar and only focus on the comment bubbles (2).