Beginner - Free account limitation

I’ve started to discover Whimsical 2 days ago.
Now my problem is that free accounts are limited to 4 boards and I can only empty bin if I upgrade to paid account.
What I’m have a hard time wrapping my head around is, items in bin count?
Does the, Getting Started and Examples, boards count?

Overall I’m a bit stuck. I created a board from examples, too see. A empty board to play around.
And a last one, the actual first board I really intended to use.
Now, I technically used all my boards. Its doesn’t give much room to do our first steps hehe.
Is there a solution I am not aware of ?

Thank you,
Guillaume, regards.

@Guillaume_M-D, I agree the free account to test on is very limited. That said, my team and I (seven total designers) have been using this tool for coming up on 2 years. In addition to this we have our PM team and full suite of Eng resources on board as well. We use this tool every single day in ways we didn’t even imagine when we started. I purchased this subscription for 2 reasons, 1. the support of the Whimsical team is top-shelf. They are just amazing. Not just in the chat responses, but in actively meeting with us a few times earlier on to discuss suggestions to help enhance the tools. 2. This tool is so easy to use and is so fast to use, I can not imagine using something else. It’s solid in every way a simple wire framing and flowcharting tool can be and you get sticky notes, mind maps and now templates.

If I can answer any questions for you please feel free to ask. Good luck.

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I totally agree and if/when i can afford a paid plan i’ll probably do.

My objective was to see what are solutions. If there is none also, maybe start a discussion. It wasnt a complaint.

Some thing that come to my mind is:

  • Allow for 1 or 2 free full delete.
  • Allow clear bin for the first week.
  • Give one of each type of boards from start. (Could in addtion one extra up to user choice)

I think the product is so great that, by its self, its probably an easy pick in term of paid tool.

With all due respect, imho, pricing structure does not need to be at one board close from forcing you to pay. At the same time I respect the approache of “free = sample”.

On this, curious to others opinions. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Indeed, all free boards count toward your quota no matter where they are – even if you move them to the Trash. You can also always restore the deleted boards from the Trash and reuse them as many times as you wish - simply delete the content you’ve created earlier and you’ll have an empty canvas to work with.

You should also be able to try out all 4 board types (flowcharts, wireframes, sticky notes and mind maps) or combine them all into one board using the board mode switcher:

Also, feel free to reuse the “Getting Started” and “Examples” boards - you’ll actually have 6 boards at hand if you do as they are counted as two extra boards.


Thank you, that’s what I was looking for :slight_smile:.
Didn’t knew you can change the board type.
Regards Guillaume.

FWIW I think the 4 free boards is a great balance to get a feel for the product.

I repurposed the starter boards to squeeze some more use out of it. Perhaps it should say that at the end of the starter board?

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