Transferring from my free to my paid account

I’ve got two Whimsical accounts - one pro account attached to my business using my business email, and one free (basic) I set up a million years ago using a personal email.

These are seperate, unrelated accounts - NOT different workspaces within the same account.

I’ve accidentally created a board while signed into my personal account, that should have been on my paid account. I can only give view permissions on the free/basic plan and can’t save as a template.

How do I transfer ownership (or similar) to my paid account? Or do I have to re-build the entire board from scratch?

Hey Keren, :wave:

If you give your business account view permissions to the file, you should be able to make a copy of the board.

Otherwise, you could invite your business account to be a member (with editor access ) of your free workspace. If the board is in the shared section, you should then be able to move the board between workspaces under your business account.

If you need further help with any of this, please reach out to us at and we can dive into your actual account details to offer more specific support!