Edit rights on public shared links

This is the one feature that might make us go to the competition.
We are about to onboard users on our product and intend to do co-design sessions with them using whimsical.
The problem is they are forced to create an account on whimsical to see and comment boards and it creates friction.
The 2nd problem is they cannot edit the boards we share with them.
It doesn’t make sense to create real user accounts for them as they will mainly be participating on a few boards for a very short amount of time.
It would be awesome to just be able to privately share a link with edit rights to a board without any account creation friction, like a google doc.

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I would agree with this as well.
It might be useful for us in certain situations.

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1st problem: I relate. I have tech-shy clients that I already feel uncomfortable having to ask them to be brave and try using the commenting feature… and then they have to create an account. Adobe allows Guest comments (and I believe you can enter your first name to avoid everyone being “anonymous guest user”).

Hey @kailynnelson @jpdp @Alexis and everybody else!

I’m very excited to let you all know that we just added free guest access!

If you want to learn more about it, here’s also a write up!


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Yes, @Darta! I just saw the email this morning and shared with my team.

It will be nice to know who has access to our files :slight_smile: Thank you.

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Quick update, everybody! We just added support for anonymous comments and edits:

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This “anyone with a link” feature is not available on my board.

Is it launched?

@Bruno_Reis It certainly is! To help us troubleshoot and guide you further, please reach out to help@whimsical.com.