Referral/Partner Program?

I use Whimsical to work with clients on mapping out a multitude of operations, product designs etc. I am also getting into content creation for my business.
Would love to know if there was a partner or referral program either I cant find or is in the works?


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I second this. I’d like to setup Whimsical spaces for my business clients and record videos explaining creative processes on YouTube. I would love to help push this tool as an excellent solution for Personal Knowledge & Project Management because that’s what it’s been for me.

Thanks for expressing your interest in this, James and Dan! :pray:

Unfortunately, we don’t have an official referral or affiliate program right now, but if you can reach out to us at we can pass your interest along to our team and ensure we have all the correct contact details for you both!

We do love hearing that people are finding value in our product and want to share the love with others. Thank you! :purple_heart: