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Hi, recently i bought Whimsical licenses for me and my team and i really like it very much. One of my teammates found out about another tool (Miro) that has some templates and is easier to collaborate with guests. I was able to create the same templates on Whimsical, very positive again, but i can’t find a way to have guests joining and collaborating in a easy way.

When i share a link with a guest by default they can only view it and to add them to a group i must invite them by e-mail and after that select them from the members list to add them to the right group. In my opinion this is not very practical specially if i have to repeat this process for 5-10 people.

Do you guys have any idea if a better collaboration mode will be on the product roadmap?


Hi Bruno,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Our team was just having some conversations about this in the past week or so. To answer your question: yes, we definitely intend to make guest collaboration much easier. Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific timeline for you right now but it’s a priority for us and we intend to address it. We know there are many situations where improving this would be really beneficial. Can you tell me a little more about your specific use case so that I can understand it better?

Also, related to templates, we are very close to rolling out proper support for team-wide templates (:shushing_face:) that will make this much easier to do.

Appreciate you guys using Whimsical!

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Hi Steve, amazing to hear this feedback!

Sure I can, actually I’ve created lots of templates for group dynamics and UX Research and most of them will demand interaction between product owners, designers and tech leads. The thing we do now is add people as Editors to our account but this is not the best way because we pay for each user and they(POs and Tech Leads) don’t really need Whimsical for their jobs, at least not yet.

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I too had a look at Miro. I didn’t like it as much as Whimsical.
I agree, there’s a need for external or occasional users.
I end up sharing a link, or image - I haven’t had much luck with external users using the comments.


What’s the status of this? I cannot use Whimsical right now because I can’t collaborate with my clients. They don’t want to add me to their organization, and I don’t want to add them to mine. I would have to create a generic “client” team member for each client in order to collaborate? Please add my vote to prioritizing guest collaboration.

I’d love to use this with my other company as well, but we need client collaboration as well. I prefer Whimsical to Miro in many ways, but I am using Miro now because they have this option. Thanks!


@duce @bruno.ferreira Guest Access is now available in Whimsical. Here’s an article explaining all the details:

Guest Access | Whimsical Help Center

Let me know your thoughts once you get a chance to try it out!

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in the article Guest Access | Whimsical Help Center are all pictures same. Only pictures of remove Guest. :slight_smile: Maybe some mistake?

Thanks a lot

Working great so far!

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