Request: Bold, italic, and underline within sentences

There is no ability to show any inline content formatting. Please at least allow the basics such as bold, italic, and underline independently within a sentence. (Very frustrating)


I would use this as well.
Sometimes have to create two text objects and group them together.

I agree. I would also like to be able to create a link inside a sentence or paragraph. I’ve been creating multiple, separate text boxes and then grouping them together.

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This is absolutely fundamental. Text is the most important element in an interface. Wireframes are supposed to be fast. Knocking some text in with the right formatting should be part of that. Miro seems like a bloated product but it handles this:

Balsamiq also has this in its typically clunky way. So does Omnigraffle etc.


Here is (free software):

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I could survive without the bullets though it would bother me. But the bold and the link is just really important.

Do any of the Whimsical people see these requests or comment?

Yes, absolutely, 100%! We’re keeping a close eye on the community and taking in all the feedback discussed and submitted by the community members.

Our approach is to silently cheer from the sidelines so you can use this platform to chat with each other, ask for advice, share your suggestions and Whimsical creations with other community members and Whimsical users.

There doesn’t seem to be a voting mechanism on this forum, so +1 / :+1: for inline text formatting / rich text capabilities for all applicable elements. Thank you!

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