Simple Feauture Request. Board Note Button Like in Miro

I feel like this would be a massive addition I personally would like to use miro for planning videos and different areas of my life. Having the ability quickly access a note that contains context to each individual board at any position in the board would be a game changer. This would even allow the ability to have a checklist that you can access at any position of the board so It’s easier to track progress or priorities on a project. This would even allow for a section like a video script/outline area if I was gonna record a presentation and didn’t wan’t to have to open a separate docs page for a script.

Possible Solution: Merge the current comment button with the page note that way you can view context AND replies on there without adding clutter to the UI. (I personally don’t use the comments yet so this sounds ideal to enhance everyone’s workflow and not just my own)


Hey Dan!

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ve shared that with the team for you. :raised_hands:

In the meantime, I’m wondering if you can use our project cards and stacks to create a slightly similar experience? While the cards do expand full screen when you open them, it is possible to create a stack somewhere on your board and leave this open in the right side bar as you continue to work on your board.

Cards are really versatile too and can be used to house lots of different content, including checklists and embeds.

Just an idea!

2023-03-30 16.03.42

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Since you can’t open cards unless it’s in fullscreen mode + If you navigate off the page and come back you’d have to locate the project stack and then pin it it’s not nearly as practical but that is still a pretty neat alternative solution. Thanks for sharing and notifying the team.

I feel like the Side stack cards would be more intuitive to use if they didn’t open fullscreen If the Occupied that full little sidebar that the project stack occupies I feel like I may actually use them more. This is because generally when writing something within a board usually you will be writing about things you will want to reference within the whiteboard.

So Maybe an alternative solution could even be just being able to pin a card to the sidebar and give it a “Pin” ability so it stays stuck there until you close it. Even if you navigate off the page when you come back it will still be pinned because it’s where you left off.

Love that pin idea, Dan! :pushpin:

I’ve passed that along for you, too. We’ll drop you a note in the future if it becomes a reality!