Request: Share template with community

I really wanna create a template mindmaps, canvas and other type content to share with community and define them like Templates or something like that, I need user Miro or Mural to create a sharable templates.

I wanna create a template for:

  • Business Value Canvas
  • Design Proposition Canvas
  • Empathy Map
  • Eisenhower Canvas
  • Lean Inception Canvas

And a lot other canvas and content to share to community, how can I create and share this?

This is (the most beautiful) music to my ears @rickbenetti! I would suggest sharing your templates in the Tips, Tricks and Examples section first. Who knows, maybe we can also feature the shared Templates to all the Whimsical users and add it to the Community Templates within the app! :smirk:

This does lead me to a question - do you (and the rest of the folks here) think a new section dedicated exclusively to Templates would be helpful? More than happy to create one if that’s the case!

Hi @Darta, thanks for bring new ideas, if Whimsical has a section like an does will be great, because I don’t wanna share only 1 board, but a few boards.

@rickbenetti thank you! I just made a form to submit your template ideas: