Gitlab integration for documentation as code

We are aspiring to commit our technical documentation along with code. Being able to push, pull, and merge directories would be absolutely amazing. It would be great if docs were treated as markdown, and charts/visuals were committed as image files.

Cool idea! Do you have any current workarounds to make that happen Fred?

@stevenchen sort of. We can copy/paste documentation pages out of whimsical into git, but you lose with the ability to make granular changes that track our code changes, or else you have to figure out how to manually branch and merge in whimsical.

E.g. let’s say I have put into my git a markdown copy of documentation that covers two features, and there are changes to each feature being developed in different branches. If I only have one documentation page in whimsical, then I can’t really use that single page while I’m working/developing. If only one change makes it through, then I have to go back and sort out which of two separate edits to the single documentation page I want to commit. I could instead branch the documentation page and create a copy for each branch of code development, but then I have to manually push and pull between those branches, and once something has been committed, merge it back upstream to the “master” copy.