How to set up a card like the demo video?

Hi there

i am checking out Whimsical, love the idea!
currently cant work out how to setup my cards with checkbox, images, due dates etc like in the promo video,


…can anyone help?

Hey @Mitch_Palmer! Once you create a sticky note and enter the edit mode, you’ll see all the available formatting options (and image upload) under the symbol ¶ or after some text is highlighted:

For images, you can also copy & paste or drag & drop them.

Hi Darta

I am a Trello power user, but love the idea what Whimsical can do. Are you planning to add any of the following to the cards soon:

  1. due date

  2. Label Names

  3. Multiple Labels

  4. Reorder Checklists

  5. Checklist groups (multiple within a card)

  6. Powerups for things like customisation (eg: add a “value” to the card like $5,000 then add up groups or boards)

  7. image covers to cards

even a few of those things would help me switch over.

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Due dates and last updated timestamp would be useful for me.