Ideas, suggestions, and feedback!

Hello There
Nice to have the Outline on a Doc, but could it be possible to also have it in a card please ?

Thanks, keep up the good work !

Suggestion 1: One-handed navigation with the mouse

Something which I would love to see in Whimsical is an option for one-handed navigation (currently, you need a hand on your keyboard and your mouse to navigate). Miro has a great example of this, where you zoom in and out using the scroll wheel and hold the right click button to pan around.

Suggestion 2: Automatic arrows between post-its

It would be great if you could easily draw arrows between post-its the same way that you can for flowchart shapes (i.e. the button to add an arrow comes up next to the post-it when you click it).

Thanks for an awesome tool :smile:

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Ability to add custom colors like in milanote, for moodboards with specific brand color, would be great, really missing this feature :frowning:

Hi Eyal, :wave:

You can already add a custom colour theme or change the default colours if you prefer, either on a specific file or across your workspace!

Here’s a handy article with all the details about the different custom color options we have in Whimsical.

Check it out and I hope it’s what you’re looking for! :pray:

Hi! thanks for your reply.
Having to change the whole theme is not exactly what I meant and not so convenient and intuitive (to my need) as opposed to just be able to add a very specific color “component” (ie simple square shape) to the board, quickly, without the need to go to into settings and affecting the theme.


Thanks for sharing a little more around your use case Eyal - I’ll add that as a feature request for our product team to review! :+1:

Simply a ‘client’ web-app (like Figma) would be great!!

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Did something change?
Why the background color of Rectangle becomes white-ish.

When I designed it, I remember the color was like these button. Both use the same color.

As Eyal suggested above, a feature to use color from hex code or color picker will be very useful.

Hey! You have an eagle eye! :eyes:

We made a recent change to ensure better colour consistency across the different board modes as people are combining them more and more, so minor colour differences stand out.

A wireframe shape never displayed the same shade of colour as a button in normal state, but they were slightly darker than they are now.

With this update the outline colours across flowchart shapes and wireframe shapes are now the same, and we also tweaked the view of the colour palette so it more accurately reflects the colours you’ll see when you choose one. Hope that helps to clarify.

I’ll also add a +1 for you on the colour picker feature request we’re tracking! :+1:

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Why do you guys insist on pure white UI?
Dark Mode should be a development priority.

%1 goes to green, carbon free, energy consumption and all that jazz but the UI is pure white? (meaning more energy consuption?)

Please… (:
Thank you.

Hey, thanks for the feedback - I’ll make sure it reaches our team!

While dark mode isn’t currently prioritised, it is an open feature request we’re tracking and I’ve added your details to that.

For now, if you’re looking to reduce how bright Whimsical is, there are a few workarounds we suggest:

Hope one of those options will help you a little in the meantime - and you’ll be one of the first to know if this feature is prioritised in the future!

Hi team :slight_smile:

Suggestion: add a breadcrumbs element to the wireframe. Allow for the addition of more breadcrumbs with a simple click! Most e-commerce sites have a breadcrumbs structure.

Right now, typing in the text, adding the symbols, then adding more text is tedious.


@notjerry I’ll add your vote to the feature request card we have for breadcrumbs (and also pagination). In the meantime, I’ve found that mobile tabs are a great substitute for a ready-made solution:
2023-01-05 16.08.50

hi team,

I just tried search and found that Chinese support is weak that I cannot look up and words even it is in the paragraph of DOC files, do you have any suggestions or solution for it? Thank you.

The current mind map functionality is great, but there are two features I would like you to add to Mind-map Tool.

    • Change the size of each element
    • Change the text color
      I really miss these features, so if you could add them, I would be very happy!